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Top Reasons to Visit Tomar with Your Loved Ones

Every year, there is a significant rise in the number of people visiting Tomar from various parts of the world. This Portugal city has many tourist attractions.

From parks to churches, there is much to see here. Templar Castle will be at the top of the list for most tourists who visit Tomar.

This castle has a city wall around it. The castle is located on a hill and looks very beautiful. You cannot take your eyes away from it.

Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes is another lovely place to visit here. The place is full of greenery. It is a favorite spot for locals to hang out with their friends and family members and jog and walk. The area around the Charolina fountain looks quite peaceful. You can sit back and relax here. You can even try meditation with your group.

Walk along the Rua Serpa Pinto. You will find many cafes, buildings, shops, and bakeries on this street. You need not worry that you will get lost here because this old town is very small. Parque do Mouchão is one of the amazing gardens in Tomar. You can find the river Nabao nearby. This garden is for you if you love greenery and duck spotting.

Avoid making loud noises when you see any ducks. Loud noise can frighten them. You can find a beautiful bandstand and seating arrangement for the visitors, like benches. The synagogue museum is another must-visit place in Tomar. To know about many more such places, check the popular travel blogs like Only By Land. This amazing travel blog can give you an idea about the way to plan your Tomar Portugal trip in the best way.

Is it worth to spend a night in Tomar?

You can find luxury hotels as well as cheap hotels here. It is worth spending a night in this beautiful city to enjoy its beauty at night. The atmosphere during the nighttime looks amazing. Try to book your accommodation in advance online, as it can help you find some good deals.

What is the easiest way to reach Tomar?

It is easy to reach Tomar from Lisbon. You can reach Tomar either by train, bus or by rental car. If you plan to travel here by train, reaching there may take around 2 hours. You can reach the place within 1.5 hours if you travel from Lisbon on a rental ca. Even by bus, it may take around 2 hours to reach the place.

Which is the best time to visit Tomar?

From July to September, you can expect a warm climate. The coldest months in Tomar are January and February. Tomar has the best weather in August, which is why many people visit this place during this month.

What food to taste in Tomar?

One of the best dishes to try in Tomar is Coelho na abóbora. You can find the world’s most delicious food in Portugal.

Plan your trip to Tomar to enjoy with your family and friends!

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