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Top 3 Best Coffee Growing Regions in Indonesia

Coffee come from all around the world with its own characteristics. Soil, climate, and processing methods are all factors that influence a coffee brand that is unique to a region. Furthermore, Indonesia also has many varieties of coffee with different prices and qualities. Depends on the processing, some coffee is considered Indonesia expensive coffee.

Indonesia has been producing and exporting distinctive and delicious coffee for centuries. There are at least three areas in Indonesia that make coffee famous and widely enjoyed by tourists, what are they?

Top 3 Best Coffee Growing Regions

  1. Sumatra

Sumatran coffee is one of the most popular types. Sumatra offers a type of coffee with low acidity and complex flavors that many coffee enthusiasts describe as soft coffee.

Several factors affect the taste of Sumatran coffee. First, the island’s volcanic soil is associated with the great taste of coffee. Second, for low acidity, the most significant factor is the processing of Sumatran coffee, which is called wet grinding.

At the start of the wet milling process, the farmer removes the outer layer of the coffee cherries to collect the coffee beans. Then the coffee beans are soaked in water and dried in the sun. Coffee beans are moved so that they can be quickly dried.

After that, the workers put the coffee beans through a hulling machine to remove the parchment skin. After the parchment layer is removed, the moisture content of the coffee beans is about 35%.

The humidity percentage should be below 12%, so farmers leave the seeds to dry in the sun until they reach that level. Sumatra is one of the few places that utilize this process, making coffee even more unique and becoming a favorite of many people.

  1. Java

Java is one of the islands in Indonesia that produces some of the world’s best coffee. Thanks to the Dutch East India Company, which brought the arabica coffee plant to Indonesia during the 17th century.

Most of Java’s coffee is grown on five government-owned plantations, namely:

  • Blawan
  • Clamp
  • Tugosari
  • Kayumas
  • Pancoer

These plantations are located in the Ijen Plateau, about 1,300 meters high. However, in recent years, other small farms in Java have produced high-quality coffee, giving consumers more choice.

Java coffee goes through the RW1 coffee washing process. This method gives the coffee a cleaner, sweeter taste than the more earthy Sumatran flavors. Javanese coffee is also known for its low acidity, there are cloves and figs.

  1. Flores

Indonesia Flores coffee is the mainstay of many coffee lovers. Most of the coffee grown in the town of Bajawa Flores is at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,800 meters. Flores has rugged terrain with several active and inactive volcanoes.

Ash from volcanic eruptions has created fertile andosols, creating the perfect soil for organic coffee production. Farmers in Flores utilize the wet milling process. This method, combined with the local richness of Flores, gives the coffee a sweet milk chocolate flavor with floral, woody, and sweet body notes.

For coffee lovers, you should try some of the typical coffees of Sumatra, Java, and Flores, known for their delicious taste and unique styles from other regions or countries.

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