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The 10 Best Weekend Activities In Dubai

Dubai is famous for nonstop fun and unique sights to spend holidays. Tourists love to visit malls, desert safari, take a dinner cruise and enjoy thrilling activities. If you have already visited Dubai, do not worry because this city has much more for you.

Many people spend their weekends in Dubai enjoying adrenaline-rushing activities. If you also want to spend your weekend in Dubai, we have ten unique activities for you to do. It will surely make your weekend time-worthy and memorable.

  1. Experience Jet Ski

Many tourists are crazy about jet skis. If you are in Dubai, you have a golden chance to witness the city of glamour from a jet ski. Explore the city from a new perspective and click astonishing pictures. Make videos of the beautiful city.

You will see impressive sights of Dubai to admire from jet ski tours. These sights are JBR, Burj Al Arab, and Palm. We are sure that it will rush your adrenaline. The price of a jet ski tour starts from AED 170.

  1. UP Your (Golf) Game

Dubai offers you the top golf courses. You have to pay 185 dirhams for one session. Game lovers like to experience upscale games. The weather of Dubai is perfect for playing golf for more than half of the year. The price of this game starts from AED 185.

  1. Exploring Desert On A Quad Bike

Quad biking is the best adventure to do on weekends. Shift dunes to experience the thrill of desert driving. You will enjoy the magnetic signs of deserts during this activity. The price of the tour starts from AED 89.

  1. Dancing Classes In Dubai

If you are a dancing fan, you will be happy to know that now you can book a dance class for yourself in Dubai. You have to pay 49 dirhams for it per hour. Now, you have a huge choice to make, like salsa, contemporary, belly dance, and hip hop.

If you want to do something unusual, you can choose an aerial hoop. It’s a mixture of acrobatics, pole dance, and dance.

  1. Cycle In Al Qudra

If you don’t want to book a tour for a desert safari, but you are interested in enjoying the beauty of the desert, explore it for free. Now, you can witness the desert at your own pace through cycling the Al Qudra Bike Track. The length of this route is 100km.

Here, you will enjoy some fantastic views, precisely the views of the sunrise. You can rent a bike from anywhere if you don’t have your own.

  1. Enjoy On A Catamaran

You need to take a breath and chill after a long hectic week. If you want to enjoy a classy downtime in Dubai, you are the luckiest person on this earth.

Hopping on a catamaran will be an excellent experience for you. You will enjoy sunbathing on a deck. You have to pay 99 dirhams for the time of two hours.

  1. Have A Meeting With Furry Friend

There is good news for dog lovers. If you are a dog lover, you will be happy to know that Dubai dog shelter is now offering a dog walking program. You can take your four-legged friend to enjoy a thrilling adventure.

Moreover, you can even enjoy yourself with your pet for hours. The good thing about this activity is that it’s free.

  1. Witnessing Top Highlights In A Ferrari

If you love high acceleration and you are an adventure seeker, take a Dubai tour in a Ferrari. You will get a taste of luxury during this tour. Your private driver takes you to the best sights of the city. Click some envy-inducing photos.

You have to pay AED 335 for this tour. We recommend you experience this fantastic tour to make your weekend exciting and refreshing.

  1. Horse Riding

We have another fantastic option for you if you want to enjoy yourself in the sand. Horse riding desert safari is an excellent option for you to enjoy an exciting activity.

The horses for Al Dhabi are patient and friendly, so don’t worry if you are not experienced. This ride costs AED 179.

  1. Get Out Of Dubai

Even if you love Dubai, you feel fresh sometimes exploring sights outside of Dubai. The reason is that some incredible sights are present near Dubai that is perfect for enjoying a day trip. If you are an adventure lover, a Hatta tour is ideal for you.

You will get unique off-road opportunities in the region of Hajar mountains. A trip to Hatta costs you AED 119.

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