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Hire a Buggy Ride for Experiencing the Beauty of Lanzarote

If you are one of those who are looking for an adrenalin rush holiday then start your engine to explore the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote with a buggy ride.

This is a popular activity for exploring the rugged terrains and the astounding landscapes of Lanzarote. Buggy rides make the island a perfect destination for an adventurous and exciting off-road trip.

What is a buggy?

Buggy is a vehicle meant for travelling across any kind of terrain, which includes sandy beaches and cross-country routes.

This is why it is commonly found in the desert, coastal and mountainous landscapes as in Lanzarote.

A buggy ride tour is the most convenient way to explore Lanzarote since it can take you to areas that are not possible to reach by a four-wheeler vehicle. Moreover, you can visit more tourist spots in less time.

Where to book a buggy ride for Lanzarote?

If you are looking at hiring buggies Lanzarote, then Club Canary is the right tour company to get the service.

They are focused on the best things to do in Tenerife and provide activities for tourists looking for fun and adventure. You will get the best buggy tour in Lanzarote for exploring the unique arid landscapes of this island.

Lanzarote buggy tour ride

You get to choose between two types of buggies:

  • Turbo ride which can drive on off-road trails
  • Trail ride which can drive only on-road.

You also view some of the breathtaking scenery of the island while enjoying the thrilling ride.

Routes covered by a buggy tour in Lanzarote

Buggy tour in Lanzarote takes you through serene villages with little white houses like Tahiche to the beautiful beaches of the island like Famara or Papagayo.

Famara Beach is popular for its big waves making it preferable for surfers with the backdrop view of cliff Risco de Famara.

Standard itineraries include a three-hour ride, which offers better options to explore the entire island without the need to rush back to the starting point.

Some other itineraries include the impressive places of Lanzarote like the vine plantations of La Geria or the volcanic view of Timanfaya.

Whether you have driven a buggy before or not, there is nothing to worry about as there are specific routes to meet your needs.

The ride starts from asphalt roads and once you get used to it, you can shift to dirt tracks. The tour companies provide a professional guide who can also drive the buggy for you.

They will accompany you during the journey as they know the island territory perfectly and guide you in places where to increase the speed or be cautious.

What to wear?

Wear closed shoes, comfortable clothes, and sunglasses to drive a buggy in Lanzarote. Cover your face with a scarf to protect against the sand and dust. During winter, wear warm clothes to protect against the chilly wind.

A Lanzarote buggy tour is something that you should try for an unforgettable adrenalin rush experience.

There is a sense of freedom instilled with the hair and sun on your face which is difficult to find anywhere else.

Hence, whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with family, a buggy tour makes a perfect way to explore the natural beauty of Lanzarote.

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