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5 Unique Things to See in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most breathtaking and picturesque states out there.  The natural beauty fills every angle to the incredible people who make art and decorate the area with colorful art, stories, and memories.  After just a couple of days in this great state, you’ll want to move in and make it your new home as well!  As long as you use a guide on the trails, avoid going to ghost towns alone, and let yourself have fun with one of these tips: it’ll be a great vacation spot!

The Grand Canyon

Possibly the most popular canyon on Earth, the Grand Canyon is an incredible sight to take in.  Astoundingly deep and colored with hundreds of different kinds of rocks and stones, the Grand Canyon is a one-of-a-kind anomaly.  Although most have heard of this, it may be seen as incredibly popular or overdone. If you haven’t seen the park yet, see it!  Getting to take in something of this magnitude helps remind all of our place in the world and what it means to be human.

Two Guns Ghost Town

Once a thriving spot along Route 66, Two Guns ghost town is now a place of myth and legend.  You can walk amongst the empty buildings and catch remnants of what this town once was.  Its history has become the stuff of folk legends, so it’s hard to tell how much is true or false, but many stories are told about murder, revenge, and mysteries surrounding Two Guns.  If you’re ever in the area, stop in and feel the strange energy the room gives off.

Diamondback Bridge

Although this stop should be included as part of the road itself, Diamondback Bridge is a marvel of design and looks like a twisting snake as you drive through it.  Tourists often park before the bridge and walk out near it to take fun family pictures. So if you get a chance, go on this bridge!  It’s an interesting feat of architecture and a fascinating piece of art that you get to interact with.

Petrified National Forest

This petrified national forest holds more petrified trees than nearly anywhere else on Earth.  These trees are thousands of years old, mummified by the perfect conditions, broken down to the ground, and then frozen in time.  Although this forest is still full of desert wildlife, it’s weird to walk amongst these giant beacons of the past and think about how long ago they were alive.  Around 225 years ago, these trees had sap in them.

Picture Canyon

If you want to avoid the crowds of the Grand Canyon but still want to enjoy beautiful views, take a break from Phoenix real estate and take a look at Picture Canyon.  This canyon is smaller than the Grand Canyon, of course, but the views here are so breathtaking that the Canyon’s name makes sense.  Drawing in thousands of tourists a month, this canyon has a deep history with Native Americans of the area who put art on these walls thousands of years ago.

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