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5 Favourite Animal Tourism Attractions in Bali 

Maybe you are curious, why is Bali a favourite tourist spot for many people? One of the fundamental reasons is that Bali offers a complete tour that anyone can enjoy. Even animal lovers can try visiting Elephant Sanctuary Bali.

People love Bali because anyone can enjoy its beauty, from those who want a luxury vacation to those who’s craving for Bali backpacking. Animal tourism in Bali is also a favourite activity for many tourists, especially those who bring children.

 Recommended Animal Tourism in Bali

  1. Ubud Monkey Forest

With a relaxed, natural atmosphere surrounded by various plants, tourists get to witness monkeys living in groups. This view is, of course, very unique, especially for people who are used to living in the city. The monkeys also sometimes chase each other, some even aggressively approach tourists.

2. Bali Bird Park

This Bali Bird Park tourist spot is the largest bird park, with an area of two hectares. Bali Bird Park can accommodate 1,000 birds from hundreds of different bird species.

Bali Bird Park was built in 1995 to preserve birds, especially native species from Indonesia. Not only birds from Indonesia but also many birds from other countries.

This tourist spot is undoubtedly very suitable for tourists who bring children to get to know the various kinds of birds that exist.

  1. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Besides Bogor, Bali also has a safari park that tourists can visit. Here, there are 100 species of animals, including rare animals threatened with extinction, such as Bali starlings, orangutans, and Komodo dragons.

One of the unique activities that we can experience is the safari journey using a jeep or safari tram, which is carried out at night. You can experience a close encounter with these animals with, of course, safety protocols applied.

  1. Mason Elephant Park

In rural Ubud, a park was established to protect the elephant population and is known as the Mason Elephant Park. This park is home to Sumatran elephants, which are threatened with extinction. Until now, there have been several elephants born here.

On vacation to Mason Elephant Park, visitors will experience the opportunity to learn and interact with elephants, such as bathing or riding elephants while playing in the water.

This park has an area of ​​up to 4 hectares, with a site built similar to its natural habitat in Sumatra. The exact location is Elephant Safari Park Banjar Street, Taro Tegallalang Village, Tegallalang District, Gianyar Regency.

  1. Tanjung Benoa Turtle Hatchery

An exciting spot in Tanjung Benoa is a turtle hatchery that tourists can visit. Tourists will board a ship with a transparent glass base to reach the captivity. There, tourists can see many turtles, from baby turtles to almost 100 years old turtles.

Animal lovers will undoubtedly feel happy on vacation to Bali because you can meet many enchanting animals on these tours. In addition to animal tourism, Bali also offers a variety of other exciting tours that can be enjoyed alone or with your holiday partners.

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